Gitlab-runner missing for el/8 or el/9

I am using gitlab-runner on 2 machines with almalinux 9
i am using el/8 repo .

There is no release of gitlab-runner 16.2 for el/9 or el/8

This is some error somewhere ?

or should i swith to fedora repos ?


You can try to use the installation script from Install GitLab Runner using the official GitLab repositories | GitLab and let it determine what you need :slight_smile:

That script determin that the latest release is 16.1
Not 16.2

Because is using el repo, where the latest one is 16.1

I suppose it’s just matter of time when the 16.2 is released for el/* as well, but if you need it right now you can download any other RHEL family RPM, they are all identical.

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Just checked and it seems it’s already available for el as well.

Call me blind , but where is 16.2 for el ?:pensive:

Linked this topic into the issue report Runner v16.2.0 not available in Debian/RHEL repository (#36048) · Issues · / gitlab-runner · GitLab

el/8 and el/9 are up now.

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Thank you