Gitlab runner on an android device

I was wondering if this was possible?

I for example got a functional device (nexus 5) around, although the screen is broken. I can install and run code on it. I was wondering if there were people that have already done this…

my interest was spiked by reading this:

To automate testing on an actual android device you probably need to configure a Web Farm.

Gitlab Server talks to a CI Runner, the CI Runner manages the Web Farm and runs on a regular PC.

The browser agent for your mobile android device is registered to the Web Farm.

Hi Dimitrieh, as MaruOS is pretty invasive and particular, you could try Linux Deploy or Termux. I use it to develop and debug a rails app on my phone (both debian or ubuntu work). You could Cast to your monitor and SSH in with Juice (android ssh client) and use tmux as a desktop, you could even run an X or VNC client with a lightweight desktop manager. That would keep both Android and Linux nicely seperate, even though it’s not necessary in your case.