GitLab-Runner on Kubernetes not more than 10 concurrent jobs

I have installed the gitlab-runner helm chart on kubernetes with the following values.yaml:

gitlabUrl: ""
runnerRegistrationToken: "<redacted>"
  create: true
  runUntagged: true
  unregisterRunners: true
  config: |
    concurrent = 200
      name = "k8s - untagged"
      executor = "kubernetes"
        image = "alpine:latest"
        privileged = true
        name = "cache"
        mount_path = "/cache"
        medium = "Memory"

But I have noticed that no more than 10 jobs are running at the same time.
I have tried to set limits = 0 under [[runner]] section but same results.

Any suggestions?


Does the cluster auto-scale?

No, I have a 4 nodes cluster: 1 control plane + 3 worker.

I have just tried to run on a 8 node cluster (1 control plane + 7 worker), still max 10 concurrent jobs.

Found the solution.
The problem is that the helm chart has the global parameters explicity set like this not in the config section:

gitlabUrl: ""
runnerRegistrationToken: "{{ lookup('file', '/secrets/' + item) }}"
  create: true
concurrent: 200
checkInterval: 10