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Hi Gitlab forums! I ran into an issue while trying to learn how CI/CD works. I setup gitlab-runner.exe on my server(bash) and have started the runner service, registered the runner with token & url, checked that the service is alive & running… I have also made sure that the tags in my runner match the tags in yml file.

My problem is that when I run ‘gitlab-runner.exe run’ ; the runner will detect and run the job(expected behavior) but if I run the command ‘gitlab-runner.exe start’ and try to trigger the job I get that the job is ‘This job is in pending state and is waiting to be picked by a runner’
because there are no active runners(even though the service and runners are active). Am I missing something?

tldr: runner doesn’t detect the job using start command. Only detects and runs the job with ‘run’ command.

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    I am using
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    I have been following the guides on gitlab to set up runner/cicd and this was the only problem I ran into.