Gitlab-runner trying to pull from invalid repo

Using CE omnibus packages for Ubuntu.

Info about the machine with the runner:

elyograg@gimli:~$ dpkg -l | grep gitlab
ii  gitlab-runner                     14.9.1                                       arm64        GitLab Runner

Info about the machine with the gitlab server:

elyograg@smeagol:~$ dpkg -l | grep gitlab
ii  gitlab-ce                                  14.9.2-ce.0                                              amd64        GitLab Community Edition (including NGINX, Postgres, Redis)

When I commit, the runner tries to pull down an incorrect repo. The project on the gitlab server is “misc/stocknotify” but the runner is adding a bunch of stuff before that.

Here is the failed job:

It has added “elyograg-admin for admin level.” before the repository name. I have no idea where it got that. elyograg-admin is the gitlab user that made the commit.

I did have this working before, but I do not know what changed to make it not work.

Nobody has any ideas?

I finally figured it out. In the group config, that strange text had been entered as a custom URL for the group. I deleted it, saved the changes, and now the CI is working again.