GitLab runner Windows specifying user account

I am trying to install gitlab-runner (11.4.2) on a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine. If I do a simple default gitlab-runner install, it configures itself to use the built-in system account (“NT AUTHORITY/System”). This works, and I can successfully set up the runner (“shell”) and use it from GitLab CI jobs. Unfortunately, this account does not have access to a necessary network-share drive managed by our Active Directory (call it “OURDOMAIN”), and IT indicates they would prefer not to alter this.

I have two accounts on this Windows machine that I could use which can access the file share. One is a day-to-day account (call it “fred.flintstone”), which does not have administrator privileges on the machine. The other (“fred.admin”), does.

I tried installing runner for the day-to-day account with gitlab-runner install --user “OURDOMAIN\fred.flintstone” --password “bedrock” which runs successfully. But the subsequent gitlab-runner start command throws the error “The service did not start due to a logon failure”. I thought it might be that this non-admin account couldn’t open a firewall port or something else runner needs to do, so I tried gitlab-runner install --user “OURDOMAIN\fred.flintstone” --password “slate”, but that also fails “start” with the same error, and I would have thought my admin account should have been able to provide anything the runner needed as well as the system account could. The account/password syntax seems valid - any typos there causes the “install” step to fail with an “invalid account/password” message, so install must be doing a basic check on them.

Is there anyplace that the “gitlab-runner start” invocation would write out any more detailed information on what “did not start due to a logon failure” might have been? Or are there any suggestions? I tried gitlab-runner --debug start but it provides no additional info onscreen.

[LATER] - just after posting this, I found this FAQ entry, which indicates that the account may need the “SeServiceLogonRight” permission. I’ll try this and see if that is the problem.

Hi! here are some scripts that allow you grant logon service quickly!

After of this you can start the runner without fail.