Gitlab SaaS and SAML SSO using Google Workspace

I am facing the issue related to the settings SAML SSO using Google Workspace. I tried to set it up according to the documentation but users that are trying to log in via SAML and Google account get 404 response.

When I try to log in I get an email “Access to XYZ group was granted”, it already looks like I logged in successfully, I see the group, but when I give refresh or click elsewhere, I get error 404 and then I can no longer log in and I’m not in the group.

I also tried to verify SAML configuration from Gitlab UI and the response was successful.
The default membership of the group is set to Owner.

Have you ever had a similar problem? Is there anyone who successfully set up SAML SSO configuration using Google Workspace?

Thank you very much.

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Exactly the same result