Gitlab SaaS - Configure a webhook to apply to all groups & projects in the account

I’m using trying to integrate with different Gitlab SaaS accounts which can be structured in different ways (groups & projects wise).
In each account, I want to add a webhook that would apply to all current & future projects under the account (even if a new group with new projects would be added after the hook has been configured).
I know I can do this using a system hook in Gitlab self hosted instance but cant find a way to do so in Gitlab SaaS.
Is it at all possible?


Hi @shaybenjamin

I think this is a premium feature

@snim2 Thanks for your reply!
As far as I know, System Hooks are only for self managed instances.
You say that there is something similar for SaaS but only for premium subscription?
I can’t find any documentation on this feature, can you send me a link to where you read this?

Hi @shaybenjamin the feature is called “group webhooks” and the link to the docs is in my previous reply. HTH!

@snim2 Oh… I know the group webhooks feature but it doesn’t apply to groups/projects added outside the group on which I’ve the group hook on. I’m looking for a solution similar to system hooks available on Gitlab self-hosted, which would apply to all.

I see now that it doesn’t apply to projects in subgroups even if the hook is configured on the parent group.
Thats a weird behavior.

Ah, right! In that case, I don’t think that what you want to do is possible in SASS!