GitLab Satellites?


Can some explain what is the concept of satellites in GitLab. Why we need them, what is their function?
Any links to resources about Gitlab satellites will be helpful.


GitLab Satellites are now deprecated and are auto-removed on GitLab 8.1.2

They are a clone of the real bare repository and are where most git operation used to happen e.g. handling of merge requests, editing files from the web interface but now these actions are performed on the bare repo

Check out this issue that discusses their removal:


Hi kelvin ,

In our local machine, I’m using gitlab [Community Edition] through docker image​ (sameersbn/docker-gitlab)​
. Previously gitlab merge request made under gitlab-satellites directory, after the latest releases from 8 onwards, gitlab-satellites directory was removed, hope it can be done via code.

While merging from UI, it encounters an error like " This merge request contains merge conflicts. Please, resolve these conflicts or merge this request manually. " . But, it is working fine in command Line. BTW, I want to know the merge request location.

Thanks ,