GitLab Security Release: 15.8.1, 15.7.6, and 15.6.7

New blog post on the GitLab blog by Nick Malcolm! Check it out here:

I’m extremely confused. Running Ubuntu 22.04, and getting the banner warning in the Gitlab CE GUI that 15.7.5 is unsecure, I need to update, BUT apt telling me that 15.7.5 is the latest version. End users are also seeing the banner and asking questions. How do I either disable the banner or force an update to 15.8.1 or 15.7.6?

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We’re in the same situation… the 15.7.6 release notes state that ALLLLLLLL of the fixes in the release are MEDIUM severity… So WHY are you panicking people with a POP UP that says:

Important notice - Critical security release

when the relerase is NOT Critical…

How do we turn this OFF??