GitLab(self hosted) and Jira cloud transitions


We have recently moved from Jira server to Jira cloud. We integrated GitLab(self-hosted) with the Jira server, and everything worked fine.

Since moving to Cloud Jira, I’ve encountered significant difficulties getting the Jira transitions to work.

GitLab adds comments and links the issue when we commit and merge but consistently fails to transition to a Jira issue when the merge request is merged.

Here is a list of the steps I’ve taken to address the issue:

  • GitLab and cloud Jira can talk as GitLab adds comments and links
  • In Jira, I have made a few new test projects, workflows and issues to test against.
  • I have checked many times the permission, workflows, and transition ID.
  • Update GitLab.
  • I have made a Python script using the Jira web API to transition issues. It uses the same user account, token and transition ID as GitLab. The Python script works fine!

Considering all the above information, it’s apparent that GitLab and Jira can communicate. The Python script’s success suggests that we have the correct user account, token, permissions, and transition ID in place.

So, at this point, I’m left with the following questions:

  • What might I have overlooked in this process?
  • Is there any logging that could provide insights into this issue?
  • Are there any additional troubleshooting steps I can try to shed light on the problem?

Any help is appreciated.