Gitlab Self Hosted Docker CORS issue

Hi - hope this is the correct place to post this.

I am having a hard time getting file upload on wiki’s to work. I get a CORS error. I understand CORS but at this point I have tried all the solutions I can find / think of.


The gitlab instance makes and XMLHttpRequest to my domain, however it is not using ssl. The server does, and that is where the cors pops up.

Setup and Config

  • docker ce
  • nginx also through docker
  • lets encrypt also through docker
  • everything commented out has been switched on and off to see if results differ, and they do not


  • My docker setup has worked for a load of hosted services, so I do not think my ssl and proxy setup is the root of the issue, but it could be a factor.
  • Git pushing / pulling / issues / wiki text → all work

Thank You