GitLab self-managed installation error

Hello everyone :wave:

Please excuse me if this post contains any missing information or details as this is my first post here :sweat_smile:

Anyways, we are having problems with installation of GitLab “self-hosted in AWS EC2 Ubuntu 20.04 server”

We are also installing GitLab using docker-compose
The docker-compose.yml file looks like this:

        image: gitlab/gitlab-ee:14.9.4-ee.0
        restart: unless-stopped
        container_name: gitlab-container
        hostname: ""
                external_url ""
                pages_external_url ""
                gitlab_rails["time_zone"] = "Europe/Stockholm"
                gitlab_rails["gitlab_default_can_create_group"] = false
                gitlab_rails["gitlab_username_changing_enabled"] = false
                gitlab_rails["artifacts_path"] = "/data/gitlab/artifacts"
                gitlab_rails["gitlab_default_projects_features_issues"] = false
                gitlab_rails["gitlab_default_projects_features_wiki"] = false
                gitlab_rails["gitlab_default_projects_features_snippets"] = false
                gitlab_rails["incoming_email_enabled"] = false
                gitlab_rails["lfs_enabled"] = true
                gitlab_rails["lfs_storage_path"] = "/data/gitlab/lfs-objects"
                gitlab_rails["backup_path"] = "/data/gitlab/backups"
                gitlab_rails["backup_keep_time"] = 604800  # seconds, = 7 days
                gitlab_rails["gitlab_shell_ssh_port"] = 2222
                registry["enable"] = false
                gitlab_rails["packages_enabled"] = false
                #gitlab_workhorse["listen_network"] = "tcp"
                #gitlab_workhorse["listen_addr"] = ""
         - "80:80"
         - "443:443"
         - "2222:22"
         - "9090:9090"

Whenever we try to run docker-compose up, we get this error

$ sudo docker-compose up

Recreating connected-car-gitlab-test ... done
Attaching to connected-car-gitlab-test
connected-car-gitlab-test | Thank you for using GitLab Docker Image!
connected-car-gitlab-test | Current version: gitlab-ee=14.9.4-ee.0
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test | Configure GitLab for your system by editing /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file
connected-car-gitlab-test | And restart this container to reload settings.
connected-car-gitlab-test | To do it use docker exec:
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test |   docker exec -it gitlab editor /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb
connected-car-gitlab-test |   docker restart gitlab
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test | For a comprehensive list of configuration options please see the Omnibus GitLab readme
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test | If this container fails to start due to permission problems try to fix it by executing:
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test |   docker exec -it gitlab update-permissions
connected-car-gitlab-test |   docker restart gitlab
connected-car-gitlab-test |
connected-car-gitlab-test | /assets/wrapper: line 104:     7 Segmentation fault      sleep 3s

After that the installation stops and creates an unhealthy docker container which cant be stopped or removed (only disappears when rebooting the server).
No error logs or error message at all. Also the EC2 server becomes really unresponsive and slow.
We cant either do a docker exec -it (as the container is unhealthy)

Things we have tried so far (that I can remember):

  • Installing in new in a fresh new EC2 instance.
  • Changing the GitLab version (downgrading and upgrading)
  • Re-installing docker
  • Updating docker-compose
  • Installing GitLab locally works fine with the above configurations

Any tips or guidance on how we should process here?
Any tips are helpful
Thanks in advance :grinning: