Gitlab Self Managed Instance Migrate/Upgrade


We are planning to upgrade the Gitlab self-managed instances in our Dev and Production to the latest available Gitlab version. We are currently using SLES 15SP1 in our DEV and SLES 12SP3 in our Prod environments. There are no Omnibus packages available currently for these 2 OS versions. So we want to migrate the current version of Gitlab to a supported OS (mostly SLES 12SP5) first and then perform upgrade to the latest version. We will use “Backup and Restore” approach for migrating Gitlab to the supported OS version.

Finally when we are ready to perform these steps in our Production Environments, there will be 2 produciton Gitlab Instances running side by side.

The older version of Gitlab will still be running while we are performing the upgrade steps on the new server.

Since the older version is still running there will still be updates/changes happening. We are trying to understand how can we migrate the detla/changes from the older gitlab instance to the newer Gitlab Instance.

I would really appreciate if you can share your approach/steps followed to migrate delta/updates from an old running production gitlab instance to the new upgraded gitlab instance.

Thank you for your time.

Hey @akaiserk,

you can just create a backup from your old instance and restore it on the new one.

Please keep in mind that the configuration files are not included and must be backed up manually.
I have successfully moved a GitLab instance this way already.

I hope this will help!