GitLab Self-Managed, sidebars on help pages are missing

With our self-managed GitLab instance. if I go to the help pages everything seems to be present. However, the sidebar with the overall menu is not present.

Also, the right sidebar with “On this page” is not present either.

Is there a way to enable these sidebars?

Hi there
don’t suppose you have a screenshot? :slight_smile:

Not immediately, but I noticed another (public) gitlab instance with the same problem. See Help · GitLab

Not sure what version of Gitlab that is - maybe it’s an old one, but on new ones the URL is:

on the public server, that would be: Help · GitLab so if you replace the URL and try a similar format to the one listed here, perhaps that would explain why.

On my server, the /rep/help that you listed above doesn’t work. That could be due to the way that particular Gitlab has been installed, and hence why it’s problematic as they are using suburl’s under their domain to access their Gitlab. Difficult to tell.

On mine the sidebar is collapsible, make sure it’s not hidden or something.

The example I gave was just an example. The rep part in the URL is just how they serve the GitLab instance.

Here is another example:

On one of my installations, if I am logged into Gitlab, then the menu appears. If I am logged out, then the menu on the side is not there.

I expect this is what you are experiencing. Otherwise you are going to need to provide more info, including screenshots if you are logged in and it is not showing.

Logged in or not does not make a difference.

Anyway, here are two screenshots, one logged in, the other not logged in

To be more specific about which sidebar we are talking about. Here is a screenshot with that help sidebar

Seems Gitlab changed it, but you can also see in the screenshot that you provided:

most likely the reason why the navigation has disappeared. Enabling the previous menus by disabling new navigation doesn’t help either.

You would have to open an issue and ask Gitlab why they did that here: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab and maybe ask them to explain why or revert it if enough people are worried about it. Search the issue list first, just in case an issue relating to it is already open.

What would be the exact wording to identify the help sidebar? If you now search for sidebar it is all about the new navigation sidebar.

I guess you will have to think what works best. “help menu sidebar” perhaps. I can’t give all the answers because I simply do not have them. If you cannot find anything from a simple search, open an issue. At worst, it will get merged/linked with an issue that already exists on that topic. I expect Gitlab contributors will know if one already exists.