Gitlab Shared Runner, ERROR: Cannot Link to a non running container

Hi Community,

We’re using CI/CD functions of Gitlab and also using the Gitlab Shared runner to run our CI CD. However, just today, we encountered an error in all of our commits, please see image attached for the details.

CI/CD pipelines minutes: 800+ minutes available

ERROR: Job failed (system failure): prepare environment: Error response from daemon: Cannot link to a non running container: /runner-xxurkrix-project-36132324-concurrent-0-1fd031ee9e663859-docker-0 AS /runner-xxurkrix-project-36132324-concurrent-0-1fd031ee9e663859-predefined-0/docker (exec.go:78:0s). Check Types of shells supported by GitLab Runner | GitLab for more information


Same error here. No changes in CI/CD setup and this failure since yesterday in multiple projects and groups.


we had the same problem today on some repositories where DOCKER_DRIVER was set to overlay.
we removed the env variable and after everything was ok

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Hi everyone,

This issue is tied to yesterday’s release of Docker version 24.0.0. It removed the deprecated legacy “overlay” storage-driver, which was deprecated in Release: v18.09 and disabled by default in Release: v23.0.0.

To resolve this, you can update the DOCKER_DRIVER variable with the overlay2 value. Shared runners on use the overlay2 driver by default. (source)