Gitlab-shell: Access denied for git command git-receive-pack by user with key


I am newbie to Gitlab. After went through the documentation, I have installed latest Gitlab 7.10.4 version and created a bare project.

Then, I made a folder on another machine, created some files and uploaded the ssh key for that specific user. But, when I push with “git push -u origin master” is throwing an error like below

Remote machine error:
GitLab: No such project
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Gitlab server error:
WARN – : gitlab-shell: Access denied for git command <git-receive-pack ‘root/devqa.git’> by user with key key-1


i have actually the same problem. I tried different possible solutions, but nothing worked for me. @Rama Did you get it fixed? If not, would it be awesome if someone has any idea.

Hi @Klopfge1st,

I followed this documentation that worked for me.