Gitlab SSH login Windows

I have added the ssh config keys to my profile and repo level as well but whenever I try to clone it on my local Pc it keeps asking for a password or else shows an error by telling me the wrong password.
It’s not accepting the password that I have set while creating the RSA keys and on another side if I don’t create any password while creating ssh keys it still asks for a password and produces the same error when cloning.

We are running from Windows.
Gitlab version : 11.4 (We are planning to Upgrade)

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Hi @Chiefshole,

I was facing a similar error in the past. After hours of unsuccessful tries I just found out that the mistake was in my local configuration: I am using GitKraken with the GitLab integration. This integration is always using an access token.

Another possible reason would be the SSH port. If you changed it, there could be some conflicts with Git SSH. I am just facing this issue on my own instance and did not yet find a working solution.

I hope this can help!

Hi Henrik,

Thank you very much , the issue was indeed on the config file and the port number.