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Hi all,
I am new to GitLab and learning GitLab features , and my query is that , in free tier users , which specific features are not enabled for users to test in learning implementation ? for example I just tried follow very simple feature such as – controlling pipeline execution using “needs” which will make a job wait until another job is successfully completed. This will help me choose a right subscription . please help.

Hi Vinod,

Thanks for the questions.

This page has more information about features in GitLab, and has options to view by stage and a drop down menu that lets you pick the plan to see what’s included.

If you’d like to try ultimate, a free 30 day trial is available for any new account.

@PjMetz , shared web link does not cover the answer. I am just looking for those CICD feature in various tiers. so that can choose right subscription.


Hi @vinod

you can go through `.gitlab-ci.yml` keyword reference | GitLab. Each keyword which is limited to particular tier has the sub tier’s name next to it.

Higher tiers usually come with better UI integration for CI/CD features, audit, compliance and security features on the GitLab itself. CI/CD job execution is basically the same.