GitLab Support is no longer processing MFA resets for free users

Hi @lkozloff , yes I understand this BUT - if there is no better 2FA process (for e.g. from Google or the other). Or there is no connection between license and account this steps can be a trap for the companies only because the process of verification is not good.
But thank you very much for trying solve my issue. My ticket number is 187827 - under my account is only one license ID 122916 for our company - registered also to my mail. We are close to prolong license - because I need solve this issue.

Thank you once more

I am surprised that a policy change like this was made with only passive communication on your blog. This change has put my account in an orphaned state. Had extant MFA users been messaged about this potential outcome before the policy was enacted, I could have made assurances that I was not in this state.

Additionally, any ticket I have opened about this has been auto-responded and auto-closed. But I’m hoping to log in so I can migrate my formerly paid GitHub account’s repositories to GitLab with a paid account here. Is there a way to buy support on a locked account? I’d like to support GitLab over GitHub, if you’ll let me.