Gitlab triggers reload of postfix config multiple times

I manage a Gitlab Community Edition installation, currently on 16.0.

The system (Ubuntu server) uses postfix to send notification emails.

I have noticed that some (unknown) events trigger multiple postfix reloads.
mail.log gets flooded with around 10 entries like the following:

postfix/postfix-script[206464]: refreshing the Postfix mail system
postfix/master[1988]: reload -- version 3.6.4, configuration /etc/postfix

It is definitely caused by gitlab since sending emails from tools like postfix sendmail works fine without creating these entries.

I am not 100% about when it is triggered. It is usually triggered before an email is sent (the emails are sent properly), but not always. Some emails (like password reset notification or group membership notification for example) do not trigger it. While other events like starting/cancelling a pipeline (only the first time) that do not directly correspond to an email being sent also cause this refresh.

I have tried changing postfix settings (to the point of a fresh install), but no luck.

Has this happened to anybody else?