Gitlab & Ubuntu Xenial

My queustions concerns Gitlab en Gitlab-runner on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

We still use Ubuntu 16.04 with ESM (extended support maintenance):
Gitlab version is 13.12 and abt 3 weeks 13.12.15 has been released.
• Is version 13.12 still updated because of security patches?
If yes, until what date will that be?
If not, what kind of update’s are released?

Gitlab-runner, latest version is 14.5.0 for Ubuntu Xenial
• What is the reason gitlab-runner is still developed for Ubuntu Xenial (updated to major version 14), while Gitlab itself will max. version 13.12?


thx, Chris

No updates of any kind.

Ubuntu with ESM is not a good choice for running GitLab.