Gitlab upgrade disable

Currently, we are using GitLab CE and it’s upgrading to EE automatically. How to stop auto upgrade?

Also, I am looking at GitLab downgrade steps from EE to CE.

If you want to stop automatic upgrading then you need to configure apt/yum/dnf appropriately so it doesn’t do anything with gitlab-ce, gitlab-ee depending on the package name.

Gitlab also doesn’t update automatically, but it will upgrade if a new release is available and you run apt upgrade, yum upgrade, dnf upgrade or whatever.

Gitlab docs for downgrade: Downgrading from EE to CE | GitLab

I’m setting my gitlab-ce package on hold (on Debian):

sudo apt-mark hold gitlab-ce

so when doing an ‘apt upgrade’ the package gitlab-ce will not be upgraded.

When i want to upgrade gitlab-ce, i specify which version i want:

sudo apt upgrade gitlab-ce=MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-ce.0

I think this is what’s recommended in the docs.

Note you have to set gitlab-ce on hold again after upgrading to a specific version.