Gitlab Upgrade from 13.12.11 to latest 15.x

hi team
please help me how to upgrade gitlab from 13.12.11 to latest 15.x, iam using omnibus installation, it would be appreciative if any one share me working notes or steps how to upgrade, its a critical update please respond on time


Take a look at the upgrade docs here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

The upgrade path looks like this:

So from 13.12.11 I would suggest:

You will need to ensure ALL background migrations have finished before continuing the next upgrade on the upgrade path - it is explained here: Check for background migrations before upgrading | GitLab on how to do that.

Use the commands here: Upgrade GitLab by using the GitLab package | GitLab that explain how to upgrade to the specific package version. If you attempt a standard update of your system, it will attempt to upgrade to the latest Gitlab which will break your install.

Please also ensure you have a backup or snapshot of your machine before upgrading, otherwise if it breaks, you will find it almost impossible to recover/restore.

If you cannot use the Linux distro’s package manager to download from the internet directly, you can download the packages as per the upgrade path here and copy them to your server: gitlab/gitlab-ce - Packages Β·

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thanks mate your solution helped a lot, update done to latest