Gitlab url giving 502 after changing instance type from AWS console


I have changed my instance type yesterday from t3a.medium to t3a.large.
After that my gitlab url become inaccessible.

Please help as my production is down.

Hi @sandeep :wave: I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. I’m not quite sure what the problem might be in this case, but I will tap my colleagues @dnsmichi and @gitlab-greg to see if they might know the best way to begin assisting you.

Can you please run sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure && sudo gitlab-ctl restart and verify if that remedies the problem?

Additionally, can you please confirm whether the IP address associated with your GitLab server changed from what it was previously set after changing the instance type? If so, you’ll need to either update your DNS A record to point to the correct IP (if you use a domain to reach GitLab), or update the external_url set in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb to point to the correct IP if you connect to GitLab directly via the IP address.

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