Gitlab useable on Docker Desktop for Mac?


does anyone run Gitlab successfully on a Mac in Docker Desktop? For me, I created a fresh installation using docker-compose, imported a couple small repositories, and then I experience errors all over the place. The UI is failing, the API is failing.

This is what I get every couple requests:
500 ### Whoops, something went wrong on our end

I have increased Memory for Docker to 12GB, otherwise nothing worked at all. Still I get these errors, and no one is even really using the system.

I don’t even know where to start looking, the output from docker-compose up is so incredibly noisy, even when the system isn’t doing anything. Is there a way to enable some debug output on why a specific request failed, which is included on the error page?

I also yesterday saw the log completely spammed with “I/O errors” on all possible kinds of files, postgres and whatever. Gitlab then completely failed, and I had to destroy the container.

Any help appreciated. Is there anything else I need to configure except 12GB of RAM? Should I increase this shm_size: '256m' line?

I by now invested almost two days into this, and all I got is a completely unusable system. Should I move this to Linux?