Gitlab Utility client (groups, repos, status) - terminal or UI

I’ve been wanting a utility (terminal or gui) that helps organise all groups and repos available on a specific gitlab server.

  • Easy way to mirror groups and repos locally
    • maintaining a folder-structure 1:1, i.e. gitlab-server/group/repo
  • Quick way of showing status of local vs remote work
    • visualise local changes, unpushed, remote is ahead

Background is that I’m trying to get non ‘coders’ to move from dropbox to gitlab… so on top of this it wouldn’t hurt if there were a way to achieve some form of 2-way sync with a minimal UI

  • I think
    • github deskop solved the fetch + push with one-click in a quite good way, but they totally missed out on showing status of local vs remote making people forget to “sync”.
    • gitbox for mac did a nice job as it looks like email clients. doesn’t seem maintained anymore
    • all other UI’s (sourcetree, kraken, tower) are way to complex
  • I see this more as a menu-bar utility (similar to what dropbox/drive users are used to.
    • this should offer a quick list showing what has to be pushed (UI ref: gitify), clicking that row would show the files changed, ask for the commit message and then push.
    • perhaps an option to auto-sync every x-minutes to a user-branch that could be manually merged in later…


ping! anyone up for the job?

this is the closest util I’ve found:
even though I believe this should be a terminal app to start with with good auto-completion support (or even curses based).