GitLab version mismatch error when moving from Non-omnibus MySQL to Omnibus PostgreSQL

Im migrating gitlab from non omnibus-mysql to omnibus-pgsql version.
Current running gitlab version is 6.6.5 , so i installed same omnibus rpm in new centos-6 server.
Eventhough gitlab version are same, I’m getting version mismatch error when restoring data to new server.

[root@gitlab]# sudo su - git

-sh-4.1$ sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:restore BACKUP=1514544067
Unpacking backup … done
GitLab version mismatch:
** Your current GitLab version (6.6.5) differs from the GitLab version in the backup!**
** Please switch to the following version and try again:**
** version: 83eb5f32**
Hint: git checkout v83eb5f32

Gitlab version on non-omnibus server
[root@nonomnibus ~]# cat /home/git/gitlab/VERSION

Gitlab version on NEW omnibus server

[root@omnibus ~]# rpm -qa | grep gitlab

[root@omnibus~]# cat /opt/gitlab/version-manifest.txt
gitlab 6.6.5-omnibus

Component Installed Version Version GUID
gitlab-cookbooks 6.6.5-omnibus
gitlab-ctl 6.6.5-omnibus
gitlab-rails v6.6.5 git:8f48f386

Can anyone help what really im missing here.Tried many ways to complete this migration but some error at some point and complete stuck here.
Thanks in advance for your help and very much appreciated.