Gitlab web page went unresponsive

Hi Team, On out Test Gitlab instance we planned to add ACM certificate issued by amazon until now it was having lets encrypt certificate. For ACM certificate activity we provisioned Application load balancer and target group and added the test gitlab instance also attached the certificate too ,and for testing purpose we have allowed all the inbound traffic , But after this gitlab page became unresponsive .

Error message on browser : The page isnt redirecting properly , An error occurred during connection ,

Hi @Prakash

Firstly, I’m not a Gitlab Employee. Secondly, I don’t use AWS or a Load Balancer, and the only config I have done is using SSL Offload meaning HTTPS Load Balancer side, and HTTP on Gitlab side - of which I used the info provided in Gitlab documentation. Please only @ mention people who have assisted you and not random Gitlab community members who may or may not know how to help you.

So unfortunately, I cannot help you with your setup, but you need to check your load balancer configuration and/or Gitlab config as well.

From a quick google, maybe this will help you: not the part relating to SSL offload where you set Gitlab to port 80, but the part about nginx proxy headers. Perhaps you need that.

Also I would even suggest using SSL offload if you haven’t already, as per the Gitlab docs and the link I provided and configure the load balancer to forward to Gitlab on port 80 instead of 443. In theory both should work anyhow be it a full SSL connection between load balancer and gitlab, or without and using SSL offload.

Failing that, you’ll just have to wait until someone visits who has had the same problem as you, or see what else you can find by searching the internet.