Gitlab wiki redirections and other gollum features

The Gollum wiki, which GitLab’s are supposedly based on, has support for redirections. The way this works is that you create a .redirects.gollum file at the root of your wiki to document those redirections.

Yet when I try to create such a redirection, it doesn’t seem to work. For example, I have the following redirect file:

howto/ howto/

Yet this redirection doesn’t work, the howto/letsencrypt page is still present and doesn’t redirect to the other one. I also tried deleting the page to see if that was causing a conflict, but then i’m showed a page creation form.

How much of Gollum is supported in GitLab? Is it really what is backing wikis? How are wikis configured? Is it really Gollum underneath, or does GitLab only use the Markdown parser?

I’ll note that the sidebar feature seems to work, as documented in this page


PS: I submitted this as a feature request in gollum-lib: