GitLab with Redmine-Tickets (Workflow)

Hi all!

Does someone working with GitLab and Redmine-Tickets?

My “perfect” workflow:

  1. New Redmine-Ticket
  2. Developer do a commit with the ticket number.
  3. Ticket jumps from “New” to “In work”
  4. Developer-branch merges to production branch
  5. Ticket jumps from “In work” to “solved”

Or does someone use a similar workflow?

How should i setup this?

Maybe another solution for a “perfect” workflow? :grin:

I don’t know about you, but I personally do not miss having any “automatic moving” of tickets.

In fact, I would hate it.

I want developers and QA people to move tickets at the right times. Where I work we assume all developers and all QA will move tickets when its time to move them.