GitLab without internet

Hey guys, I have a stand alone network I use for some design work on that I don’t have connected to the internet. I want to not only install GitLab on a server but also be able to update it. My plan is to use the Omnibus install but wanted to make sure that I understood and tested updates to all dependencies before I take the plunge.

My plan would be to stand up a CentOS7 box.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance

Yes, I’m running a centos 6.x server on a closed network.
Install was done using the manually downloaded rpm.
We also have a spacewalk server to resolve and handle the dependencies of the gitlab rpm.

After the initial install and configuration, updates are done just with the gitlab rpm that we download once a month.

We followed the backup recommendations from the gitlab site.

Every thing has bean working fine for about a year now.

We started with gitlab 8.x and are now planing update to 9.2.7.

Next month we will be moving on to 9.3.

Best regards,