GitLab14 and RHEL 6

Hi, I’m planning to install GitLab Self-Managed into my client’s environment.

Their server OS is RHEL6.
I understand I can install GitLab14 on RHEL6 environment.

Please let me know if there are any trouble in installing GitLab14 on RHEL6.


Hi, no you cannot install Gitlab 14 on RHEL6. The latest version available is 13.6.7. If you want Gitlab 14 you will need to use RHEL7 or RHEL8.

Please also remember RHEL6 is end-of-life which means it no longer has support and if no bugs are fixed in the release, there is the potential for being a security risk.


Thank you for your answer.

I understand support for RHEL6 has ended at the same time the support for CentOS 6.

I know RHEL6 is EOL and this is another subject for me.

Thank you very much!

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