Gitlab:import:repos fails with error code ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM

I’m trying to import a very huge (almost 40 GB) repository into GitLab, using this command:

gitlab-rake gitlab:import:repos['/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repository-import-20190423']

This worked well for a much smaller repository that had the same origin. But for this big one I get the following error:

E0423 19:02:58.983045682    1459]   Received a GOAWAY with error code ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM and debug data equal to "too_many_pings"
 * Failed to move repo: 14:Socket closed

How can I import this repository?

Best regards

I’ve tried many things, but in the end it seems like setting the Polling interval multiplier (in Admin Area -> Preferences -> Real-time features) to 10.0 was the key.


Hello Timo, it looks like your project size exceeds the size limit which is 10GB. Here you can find more info

Ah, no, we’re talking about a self-hosted Gitlab installation here.