Gitolite to GitLab without http access

I have a question: How do you import a project from like gitolite if you have not allowed neither HTTP nor HTTPS connection to your original server, only SSH access via SSH key?

On my original server I issue the following command to access a repository:
git clone

I’m simply unable to put this into the GitLab import project field because it has no permission to access this URL, also it doesn’t give me any hint how should I try to solve this. Anyone fo you came along this issue?

I wrote up my migration from gitolite to Gitlab using SSH in this blog post.

The post is four years old though :wink: Not sure how relevant it is anymore, but hopefully it will help you out.

Thanks Spacy! That was the 1st thing I’ve tried, but it did not work. :frowning: I have a script on my own for a MASS movement, but that is not what I want this time. Altho I think I’ll look it up again a bit more.