Global variable is not resolving value in $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH

i know a bout the different scopes and gotchas of variable resolution in the different CI constructs but this one still caught me by surprise:

when defining a global variable like so:


then TARGET_BRANCH is not resolved to the branch name (at least) in these constructs:

rules: #this is a global rule!
  - if: '$TARGET_BRANCH == dev '

  environment: $TARGET_BRANCH

Note, that when hard coding the TARGET_BRANCH in the global var section that the value can be queried.

I would have posted this as a bug but was asked by the template to go here for a discussion 1st.

While here, i here i was musing over that fact that gitlab is plagued by a very inconsistent/in transparent mechanism for variable resolution. My gut feeling is that this got to the state thru organic growth (ie not designed).

What i would like to have in the docs somewhere is a matrix of

  • which scopes of variables exist
  • which predefined vars are available when and in which scopes
  • when vars are expanded/resolved, this might depend on where they are defined
  • when what var may get overridden where

Having this matrix doc, i feel the dev/design team would be able to deliver a more robust and less surprising behavior.

this post-thread should probably move to gitlab CI/CD. but i dont see that i can change this anymore