Go meta tag prevents checking out via ssh

I use ssh for my go packages. However since recently gitlab returns a meta tag for go packages (the likes of: https://gitlab.com/Pixdigit/turboOcto?go-get=1)
As you might see this responds with a RepoRoot at https://[…]. But since the remote repo url is ssh://[…] go now complains that these urls dont match with the ever helpful message:

package gitlab.com/Pixdigit/turboOcto: gitlab.com/Pixdigit/turboOcto is a custom import path for https://gitlab.com/Pixdigit/turboOcto.git, but /home/max/go/src/gitlab.com/Pixdigit/turboOcto is checked out from git+ssh://git@gitlab.com/Pixdigit/turboOcto.git

This is just speculation but I can not find another reason for this happening.

Ok I checked back with go documentation. This is definitely caused by GitLab. Also go offers no option to disable the checking of custom import paths.

I also now created a bug report at the bugtracker