Got spontaneously removed from my organization and all projects without notice

Today when I logged in I was unable to access any of the projects or organizations that I am a part of. No one from my team deleted or removed me from these projects, and on the activity tab there is no record of a ban or removal of my account, even though there is a record of my latest actions 2 days ago. Also, I did not receive any email or notification from GitLab about such action. I attach here screenshots of the latest activity from the organization sent to me by another teammate still inisde the org.

Notice the activity for ‘Miguel FERREIRA’ and how there is no more mention of any action after 2 days until today when I noticed I did not have access anymore.

How can I figure out what happened? Any possible fixes?

The majority of us here are just community members, so cannot say why you were removed. I suggest you open a ticket with the Gitlab team here: since you have problems with your user account, I believe this would be the correct category. You will need to provide them with your username and email address so that they can check/verify everything and explain why you were removed, or who removed you.

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