GraphQL Cross-origin

We are looking into creating custom reports/status boards based on our self-hosted omnibus installation ( 11.9 ).

I was excited to see the arrival of graphql support and have been playing around with the explorer and am confident that I can create some queries to drive our frontend. I am, however, unable to get the queries to work outside of the explorer. For example: using apollo-client packages in a javascript application.

I have dug into the docs about as deep as they go into it, and my main question is Does the graphql API currently support cross-origin requests? I have tested my queries inside my javascript application both by adding the “Private-Token” header, and by attempting to query a public project, and have had no luck getting any response but null.

I think I figured it out, my schema lacked the BANG on the ID argument so I was not aware that I was passing it improperly.