Group level deployments

We are creating consistent deployment environments for our applications.

Each repository is deploying to 4 different environments shared across most applications. We want to configure our global variables in these 4 environments at the group level so we don’t have to maintain and update them in each of our 100+ projects.

The sidebar menu of the project page does not include an option for Deployments, and when we create deployment environments in a project, we cannot configure variables to those environments in the parent group (as per Environments and deployments | GitLab).

Please advise on how we accomplish configuring group level CI/CD variables for our environments.

Thank you.

Is this what you are looking for?

If deployments is missing, go to the project settings → General and under visibility ensure that it’s enabled (environments, etc).

Under Groups you can go to Settings CI/CD and then expand variables to set them up.

Yes, now when creating these variables, how do you select environment scope?

In my groups that option is un-selectable.

this is still not possible i think.

variable added in group level is available to All Scope by default.

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Environment Scope is a Premium feature it looks like. If you are on a Premium license and this isn’t working will you open new issue with the bug template?


-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Analyze:Product Analytics