Group link broken


I just finished setting up a fresh gitlab-ce setup but I still got a problem with the group link. I mean, when I click on a group name in the groups list, I’m redirected to “” if group name is test (for example). This domain is invalid and do not correspond with the domain I’m accessing gitlab which is “http//”

I don’t really understand what the problem is…

Thank you for your future help

have you properly set your “external_url” in “/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb”?
For you it should be something like:
external_url 'http//'

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Yes this parameter is correctly defined…

Did you run sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure after you set the external_url setting?

Have you tried restarting the GitLab processes using sudo gitlab-ctl restart?

I finally managed to fix my problem using your advices, thank you for all !!