Group migration from stuck at "Importing" state

Hi all,

I started setting up GitLab EE on a VPS yesterday. I did some tests first and could successfully import my groups from with all my projects. I found out later that all users were not associated to their contributions because their email addresses were not public so I decided to wipe out everything, completely reinstall GitLab so I can do it again with email addresses set as public.

I reinstalled and reconfigured everything this morning. I connected my GitLab instance with my account and my groups are already stuck on the “Importing” state. I think the import was not complete when I uninstalled GitLab yesterday which could explain why it never finished. Is there any way to reset the status?

Hello Marc,
Where you able to find a solution to your problem? I am interrested as well, as I have been stuck for the last 24 hours into “importing” for a group with projects, from to self managed.

Thank you!

Unfortunately no, I ended up importing all projects one by one. I had like 60-70 so it was a bit tedious but still doable.