Group migration option not shown on import group page on

According to this, the group migration feature should be available on But when I go to I only see Import Group from File, with a “This feature is deprecated” banner. On our self hosted instance (running 15.3), I see both Import from File and “Import groups from another instance of GitLab”, am I misunderstanding the docs, is this feature not available on, or is there a setting I need to change, or is it not avilable to free users?


I’m not sure what’s going on here either. It does say in the docs that you can migrate a top-level group to

Users with the Owner role on a top-level group can migrate it to… (a)nother GitLab
instance, including

And the “Migrating Groups” page in the documentation is marked as “All Tiers”, so this should be available as a free user. I set up a trial of the Ultimate tier just to confirm it wasn’t a tier-related issue, and this page looked exactly the same.

For a test run, I tried migrating a group from to my self-hosted instance (version 15.3.3), and that seemed to work fine.

I’m going to raise this question on the feedback page for this feature, hopefully that will generate some good answers.

@m.hamilton-jones I got a response on the feedback page. Migration was temporarily turned off for .com, which can happen when a new functionality is behind a feature flag. It’s been turned back on.

It would be nice if toggling off a feature (even if it’s just to a subset of users) triggered a warning in the docs that it may be temporarily unavailable on .com.

OK, thanks for asking over there. Yeah, would be nice if there was a note in the docs.