Group milestone link broken

When I got to the Group milestones page, for example,

I click on a particular milestone name, it brings me to a different milestone, in particular

Instead, the correct link should be

Some of the names work okay, but not others. Please help.

Hey @yke, based on the URL structure in your examples it sounds like you might be clicking on a milestone for a subgroup within that group milestones view. Would you be able to check if that’s a possibility?

Yes, the target milestone is within a subgroup. This looks like a bug in the link generation. If you can email me I can show you the actual screenshot of the results.

@yke Go ahead and submit a support ticket with the details and we can get it sorted out from there.

I’ve responded to the ticket that @yke submitted, but just in case anyone else runs into this issue I’ve filed a bug report for it.