Group Milestones can't be assigned to a shared-project issue

The scenario:

  1. Create two projects with an initial commit for both.
  2. Create a group.
  3. Assign the two projects (shared-project from now) to the created group. Followed steps:
    3.1 Select a project.
    3.2 Go to the left-side menu and select “Member”.
    3.3 Click on the tab “Invite Group”.
    3.4 Invite the group we created early.
  4. Create a group-milestone.
  5. Go to group-issue list board.
  6. Create an issue. Note that you have to select a project before create the issue. Ofc, we have to select the project under the group.
  7. Fill out the required fields and go to the Milestone dropdown list to select and associate the issue to the group-milestone.

The problem:

  • The group milestone does NOT appear in the list of milestones to associate to the issue we are creating for one of the shared-project.

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