Grouping of the pipelines query

Hi guys,

We are using GitLab for our CI and follow the standard manifest build-test-release-deploy of our services that are in K8 Azure. Now for each service we need to run an individual pipeline and I was tasked with finding solution so kindly asking for help here.

Problem statement:

  • we would love to run a single pipeline for multiple services deployment. A grouping of the pipelines from different repositories is the idea we are contemplating with
  • we are also open to switching to a different tool for the CD part, for instance ArgoCD or Azure DevOps

Kindly asking the community here for a guidance and tips.


Using pure GitLab CI you can use Downstream pipelines | GitLab.

Let’s say you have a repository with Pipeline def just to deploy/test everything together. This Pipeline will trigger deploy pipelines (same you use today) in each service. You can narrow it down with variables/rules/… if you need only subset of services deployed. After the downstream pipelines are done (using strategy: depend) you can continue with other testing steps.

Thanks a million for the advice. Will try it out and if I stumble over something, will post it here.

Thanks again.