[Guidance/Broken Feature] Administrative email notification with New/Blocked User on GitLab CE 11.10.4

So this post has been hanging out in the ether for a while but I think it is deserving of some hashing over again. Previous post I am referring to is here.

Scenario from GitLab CE (11.10.4):

  • User Signs up for new account
  • User is not “internal” and is sent an email message either indicating they need to verify their account or they are waiting for an administrator to unblock their account.
  • GitLab CE Admins are NEVER sent a notification that a user is created OR blocked.
  • User waits any number of hours or days…or longer…and maybe an admin will happen to notice their account is blocked or pending action. The user might even feel inclined to send an Administrator an email directly to get the action moving again.


  • Fix or add ability to enable or disable user account change notifications via email account(s) in the admin console.

Conceptually, this seems like the right plan to me and I am fairly surprised it doesn’t already exist. It could even be an officially supported Service Template feature someplace (i.e. Slack/other). I am happy to field questions of clarification or take suggestions on how to solve that true need administratively. Or, if I am sadly on a path to nowhere, that would also be good to know. I look forward to any feedback on this topic!