Guide for internet accessible setup?

Is there a guide on how to set-up and use GitLab for access from public internet for people who are not systems engineers?

E.G. What sort of needs GitLab has from reverse proxy or for SSH access to allow HTTP or HTTPS or SSH access, etc?


Things are getting very easy to set up with the Omnibus packages.

Go to the download page, select your distribution and follow the instructions. For further configurations, refer to the README.

There may be some redundant standalone packages you don’t need when combining GitLab with your existed servers, e.g. web server, Redis and etc. But Omnibus is clever enough that it won’t start those useless services if you’ve configured to use an external one.

For using reverse proxies such as CloudFlare which would change your DNS records, I suggest you to give SSH a dedicated domain. However, if you intend to set up a distributed git service, I suggest you to get the enterprise edition and obtain support from the official team.