Hacktoberfest for GitLab

Hey folks :wave:,

This is Hacktoberfest season and it is going in the fire on open source community!

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean. We can win awesome swags if we contributed to open source, current criteria are people need make PRs and at least 4 PRs should be merged.

Iā€™m the maintainer of open source project called Taskord and I wish to have a lot of contributors there but currently, we have fewer amount contributors, In my opinion, Hacktoberfest might help.

What do you guys think do GitLab need Hacktoberfest?

cc @nuritzi


@yogi Looks nice! :heart: this idea and the same idea in my mind for years. I am one of the participants to Hacktoberfest for years and an organizer of the local events.

How can we do to archive this? Hacktoberfest seems held in October due to Octoberfest? If so, we should wait for 12 months?

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Yes, @tnir we need to wait, I contacted both Hacktoberfest official organizer and GitLab team, they said it could be possible in 2021!

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