Have Manual job trigger other jobs


Im in a situation where I have several variants of a product. I have manual deploy jobs (one per variant) that perform a release. But in a lot of cases a user is likely to want to release all of them at the same time.

Ideally I would have a single “release all” manual job that just triggers all of the single release jobs. Is this possible?

I had a similar question, maybe you found a solution to yours.

I’m trying to create 2 jobs:

  • A manual release job (does a release and that’s it)
  • A manual “release and trigger deploy” job which does the precedent release and automatically triggers another project pipeline which does the deploy part.

Right now I have a manual release and a manual trigger job. So I have to run manually the trigger job after the release job ended.

Similar question:

The use of “needs” keyword helped


I never found a solution. The only way I thought it would be possible would be via the API. But turned out I didnt really need it in the end.
Good luck.